Play It, Till You Drop Down !

MAYFAIR Darjeeling offers an all-round programme wherein there are various interesting activities which could help its guests refresh themselves. Moreover, with the all-time aid of friendly and highly attentive staff, it is indeed a matter of pleasure to gang up with your friends and family for these variable activities.

Tenzing Room (Library)
  • Meet the legend. Here, the legend of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay (1914-1986) is still alive. Explore photographs, information and achievements of this great mountaineer. Get inspired by reading books by some of the best explorers while watching movies on various expeditions to the summit.
Tender Hearts
  • For the kids and the kid-at-heart we have this fantastic fun place called “Tender Hearts”. Here, we have loads of soft toys, games and other amusements that will put the little dolls in good mood. There is also a huge collection of all kinds of cartoon and children films that they will love to watch again and again.
Movie Library
  • Watch what you want and if exhausted try movies for a change. The Resort has a big collection of original English and Hindi movies of almost all genres.
Fitness Centre
  • The Fitness Center has everything you need to stay in shape including the latest cardio and strength training equipments.
Game Room
  • If you have the passion for game then go for a session of Pool or choice of an Indoor game like, table tennis, carom, Children’s Board and chess, a fine games centre awaits you with all facilities.