Revitalize Your Mind, Body & Soul !

Spa at MAYFAIR Darjeeling offers an experience which helps its guests recharge themselves from within. The thoughtful usage of exotic ingredients by highly proficient therapists is known for its extensive healing effects. Also, guests can explore various spa packages according to their body type and requirement.


  • Twenty - 20 (20 Body Massages & 20 Salon Services) @ Rs: 55,555/- + Taxes
  • Ten - 10 (10 Body Massages & 10 Salon Services) @ Rs: 33,333/- + Taxes


Abhyanga (Uzhichil)

The most widely used massage – translated as loving hand’; soothing, gentle massage designed to stimulate the release of toxins from the cells.

Benefits : Improves vigour & vitality and adds a shine to your skin.

Duration : 75 minutes including steam or sauna.


Swedish Massage

A combination of European and reflexology massage. Known as the mother of all massages, we use a choice of Olive or Almond oil.

Benefits : Relaxes and soothes tired muscles. A Swedish massage therefore includes a feeling of well-being and a state of harmony in the body.

Duration : 75 minutes including steam or sauna.


Foot Reflexology

A manual foot massage based on the principle that the reflex points corresponds to each organ, gland & structure in the body.

Benefits : Relieves sore & tired feet & relaxes the entire body.

Duration : 30 minutes.


Mayfair Touch

The Mayfair signature massage therapy focuses on upper back, shoulders, neck & head.

Benefits : Through the activation of various reflex points, the entire body is made to relax.

Duration : 30 minutes.


Head Massage

This massage is purely a head and forehead massage. Hot Olive or Almond oil is used. A hot towel wrap ensures oil seeps in well.

Benefits : Restricts hair fall and improves hair texture. Keeps you cool as well.

Duration : 30 minutes.



A visit to the steam room helps in relaxation, calmness, anxiety reduction and spiritual awareness. In addition to this it also helps in exfoliation and detoxification of the body

Duration : 30 minutes



A sauna session helps in relaxation, improves blood circulation and has arthritic and rheumatic benefits. A sauna before bed promotes deep sleep.

Duration : 30 minutes


Head and Toe

Beginning with a foot reflexology treatment and then a head massage after which you have a choice of either sauna or steam.

Duration : 90 minutes



Begin with a relaxing Swedish massage followed by a soothing steam or sauna. You also have an option of facial

Duration : 120 minutes


Royal Retreat

This begins with a great Abhyanga treatment followed by a head massage and either a sauna or steam session.

Duration : 120 minutes

Beauty Services

Beauty services such as Threading, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Shampoo, Blow Dry, Haircut and shavings are also done by our well trained Beauty Services Assistants.