The Spa at MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort, Goa, invites you into a serene haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. Courteous hospitality, delightful ambiance and a range of the choicest therapies and treatments at the spa combine to transport you to a blissful state of utter synergy between body and mind. Our expert therapists and masseurs will ease you into our signature treatments including traditional body massages. There are steam, sauna and Jacuzzi facilities available. You can also visit for a delightful yoga holiday.

Special Package Deals

Mayfair Spa offers you special package deals with which you will be able to both save as well as enjoy a range of indulgent spa therapies and treatments. A Package of 10 body massages and 10 saloon services comes at a special price of Rs. 33,333/- + Taxes while a Package of 20 body massages and 20 saloon services comes at the incredible giveaway price of Rs. 55,555/- + Taxes.


Traditional Indian Therapy (Includes Steam/Sauna)

In the soothing and detoxifying Traditional Indian Therapy, warm herb infused sesame oil is applied by expert therapists to improve circulation, alleviate muscle distress and hydrate skin. To aid in improved energy flow, at the end of the therapy, a curative powder made from herbs is placed on your crown.

60/90 minutes

Rejuvenating Swedish Ritual (Includes Steam/Sauna)

The Rejuvenating Swedish Ritual involves a traditional full body massage treatment where firm pressure is applied to stimulate circulation and reduce stress and tension in the body. The wonderful aromatic oils used in the massage brings about a deep sense of relaxation.

60/90 minutes

Relaxing Aroma Ritual (Includes Steam/Sauna)

The Relaxing Aroma Ritual is a traditional therapeutic massage that uses a choice selection of aromatic oils. This gentle treatment can be incredibly relaxing, especially at the end of a long day.

60/90 minutes

Balinese Royal Ritual (Includes Steam/Sauna)

The Balinese Massage employs a combination of acupressure and holistic massage with firm but smooth strokes used to stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen around your body.

60/90 minutes

Thai Healing Therapy (Includes Jacuzzi)

The Thai Healing Therapy takes you on an entirely blissful journey of complete relaxation starting with an invigorating Thai massage and ending with an energising foot reflexology session.

60/90 minutes


Steam Bath

A visit to the steam room helps in relaxation, calmness, anxiety reduction and spiritual awareness. In addition to this it also helps in exfoliation and detoxification of the body.

Duration : 20 minutes


Sauna Bath

A Sauna session helps in relaxation, improved blood circulation and has arthritic and rheumatic benefits. A Sauna before bed promotes deep sleep-necessary for the body’s recuperation and rejuvenation.

Duration : 20 minutes


Jacuzzi Bath

Jacuzzi is an electric pump and water jet. The pump circulates the water through the pipes using an underwater suction fitting and several underwater jets. Each jet has a vented constriction near its opening that injects air into the water giving a good relaxation after each spa therapy.

Duration : 30/60 minutes


Honeymoon Package (Includes Steam, Sauna & Jacuzzi)

The delightful Honeymoon Package is spread over two days and is a wonderful way to start a new life together for a couple. On the first day, start with a Swedish massage followed by a refreshing Body Polish and milk bath. On the following day, the both of you will be indulged with an Aromatherapy treatment followed by Mayfair Royal Care and milk bath. The therapies will be administered in the beautiful and private Spa Suite which you can have all to yourselves.