Deluxe Cottage

The lagoon side Deluxe Cottages are adorned with beautiful period furniture made from choice teak wood. They come with a quiet unobtrusive study, a plush living area and private sit outs.

  • Specifications
  • Carpet AreaBed: 1000 Sq ft.
  • Room: 250 Sq ft.
  • Living Room: 250 Sq ft.
  • Two Bath Rooms: 200 Sq ft.
  • Study Room: 60 Sq ft. and
  • Balcony (Lagoon-Side Blocks only): 190 Sq ft.
  • Features
  • Private Balcony / Sit Outs
  • Study Room
  • Complimentary Minibar
  • Living Room
  • Private Parking
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