Two States By Kanika

welcome to Two States By Kanika

Two States tastefully showcases the local flavours of the vibrant cuisines of Odisha and West Bengal. Being one of the best new restaurants in Puri, the lively atmosphere is only accentuated by the expertly crafted dishes from the Eastern hinterland that includes some amazing fresh seafood. There are lavish Odia and Bengali Thalis as well as specialties like Kosha Mangsho (Slow Cooked Mutton in a deliciously thick gravy), Sorshe Ilish (Fresh Hilsa cooked in a wonderfully light mustard gravy) and the teasingly aromatic Gobindo Bhog Rice. And of course no meal can be complete without dessert. The house special is the popular Odia caramelised baked cheese dessert Chhena Poda.